Health Merchant Offers Turn-Key Organic Food Store

What is a Health Merchant Program?


The Health Merchant Program, launched by Green Polkadot Box, is a turn-key online organic food store opportunity focused on Organic and Non-GMO Food.

Interesting Organic Food Store Business Opportunity

I try to constantly watch what is happening in the Organic Food and Non-GMO food industry and I have come across an interesting business opportunity that appears to have great potential for the right person. Called the Health Merchant Program by a company called Green Polkadot Box, it basically appears to be a completely done, ready to go turn key online organic food store with all of the marketing and logistical details taken care of.

No % of sales going to any credit payment processor, no inventory, no customer service to handle. All would be done. It seems to basically be a very well done landing page type approach with a very good payout for referring or getting customers for the company. But it goes further in that all the referred customers would belong to the person who "owns" the store page and the owner decides what promotions to run and who among the stores customers should be notified, etc.

This seems very different form a lot of business opportunities I see pop up a lot. Looks like it could possibly have a tremendous future benefit in the mid and long term

Health Merchant Mission

The mission of the Health Merchant Program is to continue Green polkadot box's 4 year mission of making Clean non-GMO and organic food accessible and affordable to all families. It offers this by offering to anyone the opportunity to purchase a fully functional, ready to turn on organic food store without any of the hassle and time normally required.

Green Polkadot box has the distribution channels, inventory management, logistics, order and payment management and customer service already in place and operating. They have been filling orders and shipping products for over 4 years.

Why offer the Health Merchant Program?

The Health Merchant Program is offered to extend the reach of Green Polakdot Box's already growing customer base and offer people that have a passion about Clean Foods and standing against GMOs a platform to inform consumers, sell Non-GMO products and profit from it while doing so.

How Much Does a Health Merchant Store Cost?

A Heath Merchant Program Store costs $4995 one time payment and a month service fee of $195. Is it worth it? For the right person it seems like it would.

For a person wanting to buy the store, turn it on and sit back and hope and wait for customers, no it will not work and is not worth the money. It will fail. From what I have seen, it will take work. But it does appear to be potentially extremely valuable, even with far less than a full time job amount of time.

Owners receive 10% of all order totals. Not bad at all as a business profit margin.

The Health merchant Program details can be viewed here. There is also a video fully describing all the whats and whys of the program.

You can tell them the gang at Rocky Mountain sent You

How Much Work Will it Take to Succeed?

There are three types of people that have the potential to do extremely well with this opportunity.

1. For anyone that already has a strong online or social media presence, the potential is very good. If you have a blog with a large following or a large facebook, Instagram or other social media fan base, you could reach all of them in a short period of time potentially turning many of them into organic food customers.

2. For those in alternative medical practices, wellness clinic practitioners, chiropractors, health coaches, fitness trainers, this could be a golden opportunity. These people have a captive audience and patients or clients that already trust them and their recommendations.

If you have clients that already trust you and already eat Organic food- you could offer them organic non GMO foods delivered to their home at steep discounts of around 35% off normal retail prices.

And as this is a turn key business, no time would need to be spent on orders, customer service, or any other logistical work.

3. For those willing to work hard collecting email addresses, attending trade shows, connecting online this has great potential as well. But it will likely take several hours per week over time to make it become a good income source.

But from what I have seen, there are great media kits with lots of marketing materials that would be watermarked with the persons logo and chosen store name, business cards, flyers, etc included in the store purchase price.

Promotion Kits and Blog

A Promo Kit and Blog is also included. I have seen many of the Promotional pieces which can be included in emails to customers and they are very appealing. These are included with the one time store purchase and can be automatically sent to customers.

A blog, recipes to use or promote on facebook pages and other promo pieces are part of the store as well.

Conclusion: Is it Worth It?

For those already having a large fan base or those willing to work with a passion about clean foods, this appears to be a great opportunity.

Creating this alone would take months and a lot of money and time invested to create an online store. When also considering having to develop relationships with vendors, negotiate prices, handle customer service and returns and carry inventory, it would be a daunting task and not have the efficiency offered here.

Seems like a great opportunity for an entrepreneur who wants to invest little time for an online organic food store.